Masks for a good purpose - DillySocks

April 28th, 2020

Masks for a good purpose

The corona crisis affects everyone - some more, some less. This is precisely why DillySocks wants to stand up for countries that are now particularly in need of support. We have recently started producing colorful face masks in addition to colorful socks. The proceeds of the masks will be donated to the Caritas Corona Aid. This helps countries where medical care is not available and where poverty and hunger have always determined everyday life.

A nice side effect

By buying a mask, you are not only helping others. You also protect yourself by not touching your face with your fingers. However, the masks are not intended for medical use, as they do not have a certificate. They provide a splash of color on the street and may even bring a smile to the face of a person - this is especially important in times of Corona!

Find the masks here.

Wash and reuse

Whether socks or face masks: DillySocks places great emphasis on sustainability in materials and production. That's why the face masks are washable, allowing them to be worn several times, which in turn means less waste. 

Find the recommendation of the BAG here.