July 20th, 2015

How to knock Berlin out of its socks

There's probably no need to tell anyone that Berlin is cool and innovative. Nevertheless, we were looking for a way to outdo the German capitals (and numerous top exhibitors as well as buyers from all over Europe) at the renowned premium trade fair. After we had already shown up with sock skirts at the fashion event in January, only one thing was good enough for us: We ourselves became our unique sock patterns. Especially for this we arrived at a Berlin art artist's studio just around the corner of the fair at 5am. He airbrushed our bodies in the style of our DillySocks and sprayed us with paint from head to toe. And lo and behold: the whole thing worked brilliantly. The approximately 60,000 visitors not only paid attention to our new patterns, but also to us. So we were allowed to pose for numerous photos with visitors and exhibitors and were able to bring our new samples successfully to the buyers. And so we can confidently say that we set a colorful accent at the hip trade fair - just like DillySocks-like halt. 

All the more reason for us to develop a specific sock design together with the premium makers, which was not only distributed at the trade fair, but was also included in the invitations. A successful trip, because we are also Berliners. Just a little more colorful.