January 12th, 2021

2020 in the DillyUniverse

Another year is over - it's high time to take a look back and share the best moments with you.

Last year, we had such great Limited Editions - for young and old! Can you remember our collabs with Visitor Store and Librio? They're still available, go get 'em! And of course we are already planning exciting limited editions for 2021. Stay tuned.

We also stepped on the gas this year when it came to upcycling.

We made face masks from leftover socks and the resulting profit was donated to Caritas. And we expanded our monkey jungle and gave old socks a new life with our much loved DillyMonkeys.

Pssst: We've working hard to be able to offer you new sock monkeys in 2021!

And finally, we could present you a very special bijou this year: The Climate Sock in collaboration with Climeworks. You already know: 1 kg of CO2 per pair gets removed from the atmosphere.

We are blown away by your positive feedback and we're looking forward to offering you a new batch of Climate Socks in January.

And before we start the new year at full speed (we already have so many exciting things planned!), we would like to thank you for your loyalty.

Thank you for helping us making the world a little more colorful and sustainable with every sock!